These are the weirdest sports you can bet on 

Sports is inarguably the biggest market in the betting industry, producing big wins and attracting tons of bettors each year. However, the predominance of sports betting is also about the diversity of the games available.

This market is beyond football matches or any other popular sports event that catches the world’s attention. In fact, there are a lot of sports events you probably haven’t heard of but would find in your favorite sportsbook. Some might come off as weird or even have strange name (like 온라인스포츠베팅 in South Korea, for example), but they provide their own kind of betting entertainment. Here are some of the most bizarre sports you can bet on.

  1. Cow chip tossing

If you think this is a sport that involves cows, you are not wrong. However, this will prove slightly weirder than your imagination. Cow chip tossing involves players throwing dried pieces of cow dung at least sixinches in diameter. The participant who makes the furthest chip toss after two attempts is the winner. But is there really science or technique to throwing cow dung far? Apart from the player’s force and other factors that influence the projectile, locals also believe finger-licking before a throw provides a better grip.

This sport began in 1970 with the World Championship Cow Chip Throwing Contest in Beaver, Oklahoma. A fun fact about this state is that there are 16 times as many cows as there are humans. At the very least, this gives some contextto why such a sport exists. You might not find these events in your regular sportsbook, but the natives do stake a lot in these contests.

  1. Harness racing

This sport is similar to horse racing, as it involves horses. However, the jockey does not sit on the horse’s back as with horse riding. Instead, there is an accompanying wagon where the jockey sits. It sounds strange for a sport, but harness racingis a big deal with the Scandinavians. As a matter of fact, in Sweden and Finland, this sport is financed by the betting handle it generates.

You are probably wondering about the need to bet on such a sport when there is horse racing. Well, apart from the stated differences, harness racing also provides unique bet types that you would not find in horse racing.

  1. Curling

This is an Olympic sport similar to bowls on ice. It is played on an ice field and involves players sliding granite stones towards the ‘house,’ which has four circles. The game is played among two teams with four players on each side. Each player gets two turns at sliding the ball as close to the center of the house as possible. The closer the polished granite stone gets, the higher the points.

It gets trickier as curling allows an opponent to hit the other team’s stonein order to keep itaway from the target. So, the nature of the game makes it difficult to predict. Nonetheless, it attracts a significant number of bets in sportsbooks.

  1. Cornhole

This is a relatively new sport. It involves throwing corn bags into a platform called ‘dummy boards’ featuring several holes. A bag in a hole awards threepoints, while a single point is awarded if the bag lands on the board. The winning side/team is the first to exceed 21 points.

Before now, the game was only a casual, fun event played at get-togethers with families and friends. Over time, the sport began gaining more attention, and in 2015, the American Cornhole League was birthed. This kick-started it as a full-fledged sport. With more cornhole tournaments and events, it’s no surprisethese games became available in the sportsbetting market in no time.

While cornhole is undoubtedly a peculiar game, the team names are even more so. For instance, some teams are called ‘We So Corny,’ ‘Breaking Bags,’ ‘Game of Throws,’ etc.

  1. Rock, paper, scissors

Rock, paper, scissors is a simple game played between two players by sending hand signals to each other. As the name of the game suggests, the hand gestures can either represent ‘rock,’ ‘paper’ or ‘scissors.’ The winner of each round is determined as follows: rock beatsscissors, scissors beatspaper and paper beatsrock. The game ends in a tie if the two players draw out identical gestures.

While itis a popular pastime among friends, the gamehas gone beyond that with the advent of the World Rock Paper Scissors Association. This sports body introduced a World Championship, so bettors can now stake on these games.

  1. Reindeer racing

In this sport, reindeer tied to sleds are made to race along snowy fields. The first to reach the finish line is the winner, and every bettor that staked on the animal gets a payout. Sports lovers who enjoy betting online willfind these games in several bookmakers.

Reindeer racing is a prevalent sport in countries like Russia, Sweden, and Finland, where the Christmas fiction is brought to life. This sport is a cultural tradition in these parts of the world, and potential reindeer racers are scouted from a tender age.

  1. Quidditch

The origin of this sport is the primary reason it is considered weird. Quidditch is an extension of the popular fictional seriesHarry Porter, as the author came up with the sport to give more life to the books. Nonetheless, the real-life adaptation of the sport is quite different from what is portrayed in the best-selling magical book series.

Real-world Quidditch does not involve wizards, magic, or broomsticks. Instead, it is played by two teams with between 7 and 21 players on each side. As opposed to having flying witches and wizards in the sky, the sport involves players running the pitch with brooms in between their legs. The games are played on a pitch with three hoops at different ends of the field. The objective is to get more points by passing the quaffle through the opponent’s hoops until the ‘snitch’ is caught. A snitch in Quidditch is an official tasked with disrupting the teams by running, sneaking, hiding or even joking.

Quidditch also has an official association that organizes games and defines betting lines. The first Quidditch game took place in 2011, and since then, there have been many more.

  1. Arm wrestling

While many consider arm wrestling as a hobby or a game just for fun, it has becomea serious business. The sport is played between two individuals using only their arms, which are rested in an upright position on a level surface. Whoever pins the opponent’s hand to the table wins. There isn’t much to it. Since becoming a recognized sports betting option, there are now several rules and regulations that guide events.For instance, players are separated into divisions based on their weight. Also, the gamecan be played in a sit-down orstand-up position.

  1. WWE professional wrestling

Yes, World Wrestling Entertainment is a sport and a highly entertaining one at that. Without a doubt, wrestling boasts a huge number of fans across different age groups. The shows usually take place in various arena in the United States and get televised to the rest of the world.

Betting on such a sport is more about entertainment than the actual competition. Ultimately, the goal of the sport is to provide a great show. Sometimes this involves booking wrestlers to lose to superstars. A notable example was when Hulk Hogan wrestled Shawn Michaels at Summer Slam in 2005. Other times, the opponents have to fight for themselves and win at all costs. Bettors can get clues on the direction of games by following these wrestlers on social media and other avenues.

  1. Bog snorkeling

This sport makes the best out of extreme weather, as it involves snorkeling on bogs. These muddy grounds are usually dense but not strong enough to withstand heavy bodies. Watching players struggling in the mud makes for some good laughs, but the game also attracts many serious bettors and large audiences.

The World Bog Snorkeling Championship is heldeach year, with players joining in to compete with flippers and a snorkel.


The sports betting market covers a myriad of sports, which can be either popular or unpopular, conventional, or weird. In any case, the events can fetch bettors big bucks if they play their cards right. While many bettors find it easier to stake on world-renowned sports, these weird games can provide just as much enjoyment.

Some of these games may bean acquired taste but understanding the principles can make all the difference in choosing to stake on them. Fortunately, many of them are available in lots of sportsbooks if you’d like to give them a shot.