The Basics of Quadrella Racing Betting

If you love placing bets on horse races, you may have come across the concept of quadrella racing betting. Essentially, you place a bet on each of the four runners in a race. The winner of each race is guaranteed to win the quadrella race. This type of betting is highly profitable when the horses are reasonably priced. It is, however, very difficult to achieve a high strike rate. You have to keep in mind that the strike rate is never going to be high, so the value of each horse is a necessity.

Value priced horses make quadrella racing bets worthwhile

In quadrella racing, it is possible to win money by placing a bet on value priced horses. Most quadrellas are won by favourites, and so playing it safe will yield little profit. However, if you take advantage of the value priced horses, it is possible to win between 25 and 30 percent of the time. If you are looking to make a profit on quadrella racing bets, you can use the money you win to place another bet on a value priced horse.

Strike rate of quadrella racing bets is never going to be high

While it may not be easy, picking the first three horses past the post is easier than some exotic bets. While you’re not going to get a huge payout if you pick the first three favorites, you might be able to pick one that’s in the mid-range. A quadrella betting bet is a similar proposition, only it pays out when the favorite does not make the field.

Calculation of quadrella racing bets

The odds of winning a quadrella race are calculated by taking the total amount of money that you would have spent on each leg of the bet, and dividing it by the number of combinations. This will give you the prize money in dollars. However, if you are not confident enough to bet the entire amount, you can use a bet calculator to determine the correct number of quadrella selections and the amount that you should invest.

Place card betting

In addition to the usual win, place, and show bets, you can place a quadrella bet on horse races. The place odds are multiplied to determine the final price of the bet. Depending on the race, some bookmakers offer exotic options as well. A Place Card is a quadrella bet in which you choose four horses that finish first, second, or third in four designated races.

Multiple quadrella betting

In order to profit from multiple quadrella racing betting, you need to find the best selections at the right price. If you play the favourites, you’ll probably get a small payout that will hardly offset the total outlay. You can avoid this by betting on better longshots or higher priced horses. A bet calculator is useful in calculating how much each selection will cost. A winning combination will pay out around 25-30% of the total bet.