How to Make More Money by Playing Online Games? Use Crypto-Betting, a Simple Answer 

Cryptocurrencies need not have any introduction. They have now become a popular topic and a medium of exchange in various industries. The gaming and gambling industry has adopted this trend. The best crypto gaming websites are now offering crypto-betting options to their clients. This helps them earn more through a secured medium.   

What actually is crypto-betting?

Let us first figure out the meaning of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a collection of binary data that is used as a medium of exchange. You can see its use in the financial sector, supply industry, casino, and gaming industry. 

When you use cryptocurrency in playing online games, it is then called crypto-betting. Crypto-betting is a safe and secured method of payment in the gambling industry. You can find various sites that offer you the service of online gaming. You can play your favorite game by betting on it in cryptocurrencies. 

The popular online gaming examples include:

  • Casino
  • Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Lottery
  • Sports betting
  • Baccarat

Crypto-betting does not involve the older payment methods like through debit or credit cards or master cards. It actually involves the payments in cryptocurrencies like Altcoin, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. Gamblers can use these cryptocurrencies to bet on their favorite games.  

Do you have any idea why gamblers are more attracted to crypto-betting? The reason is that cryptocurrency is a faster medium of exchange if compared with fiat money. Also, the value of cryptocurrencies rises and falls more often. This lures the gamblers to put their betting in cryptocurrencies, as the rise in the value will help them earn more money.

Digital currencies or cryptocurrencies do not always let you earn profits. If it has pros then it also has cons. The fall in the value of the cryptocurrency will put a brake on the gambler’s win. So, it’s not always a win-win situation for a player in crypto-betting. 

You can look for various websites that offer you the service of crypto-betting. Among them, is one of the best crypto gaming websites that let you have a memorable experience of online gaming. The site offers a variety of online gaming options, which include:

  • Video betting
  • Online betting
  • Electronic games
  • Sports-related games
  • Lottery games 

Know how crypto-betting works?

Betting in cryptocurrency is very simple to understand. This is the same as normal betting. The only difference in such a kind of betting is that you use cryptocurrencies instead of government-issued denominations. The gamers must be aware of the quick fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrency. Crypto-betting may not let you earn the same value that you put on the bet and at the time of its withdrawal. The difference in the value may be caused due to the fall or rise in the value of the cryptocurrency. 

The gamers thus find the crypto-betting method very unique than that of a normal betting method. You only can have a win-win situation if you are a master in understanding cryptocurrency and how it operates in the market.  

Best Crypto Betting Websites

The gaming market is flooded with a number of crypto betting websites. The gamblings sites acquire the attention of their clients by offering them amazing and interesting offers. Gamers can avail themselves of the facility of earning bonuses and other advantages by betting on these sites. As per the data collected in 2019, India ranks among the top five mobile gaming markets in the world as per the number of users. There is still rapid growth in online gamers in the country.  


You can look for websites that indulge in offering crypto-betting along with various other benefits. One such leading website is that allows its users to play online games in cryptocurrency. The site was established nine years ago and now it has evolved as one of the best crypto gaming websites. The website aims to offer a safe and secure gaming experience to its users. 

The gaming platform of offers games like baccarat, private table, lottery, blockchain baccarat, blackJack, casino, cricket, traditional games, and roulette. The gamers can also avail themselves of the opportunity of earning huge bonuses and prizes by betting on live games. You can make your own team or can play individually to earn the coins in the games. 

The company’s main motive is to cater the best entertainment experience to gamers through its multi-game products and services. The gamers can make easy payments in cryptocurrencies and currencies like: 

  • Bitcoin
  • Renminbi
  • Tether
  • Ethereum
  • Indian Rupee lets its users have the facility of easy withdrawals, earning rewards, and smooth deposits through its stable network and secured services.   

Who are the users of crypto-wagering websites?

Anybody can try their hands in crypto betting. A new member can also play the games and can become a professional gamer with the experience. However, professional players and gamers are best for crypto-betting websites. 

Professional gamers know the ins and outs of cryptocurrency and know how the value of cryptocurrency fluctuates. The players take the opportunity of crypto gaming as a challenge and play the game with full interest. 

Crypto wagering games hold the major characteristic of winning or losing the bet in the game. You may either win a good amount or can lose the money in the game, depending on the rise and fall of the cryptocurrencies value.

Crypto-betting also has a win-win situation as one of its biggest advantages. There are various other benefits of crypto-betting on online games. 

Pros of crypto-betting websites

  • Direct payment: The players can pay for their loved online games directly through easy payment systems. The payment is compliance-free and is not at all tough to understand. 
  • Safe transactions: Do not worry about your transactions on crypto-betting websites. The gamer’s transactions are safe and secured from the bookkeeper’s end. The cryptocurrency transactions process cuts off the interference of bureaucracy, mediators, or any third party.
  • Instant withdrawals: Betting in cryptocurrency doesn’t let you face the difficulty of withdrawing your earned amount in the online game. You can withdraw it soon after you win the bet on the website. The amount withdrawal hardly has any hurdles and is very much protected and secured.   
  • No hidden fees: The payment methods in cryptocurrencies have no hidden costs. The transaction methods bear a low cost and are carried out instantly.   
  • Hidden user identity: Crypto-betting websites allow the user to hide his personal information and keep his details anonymous on the website during online gaming. The site creates an anonymous cryptocurrency address for the user at the time of betting purchase that keeps on changing with every transaction.  

How you can bet on crypto on the website of 

Before putting your bet on the website, you need to register yourself on the site. This will further let you play different games available on the website in cryptocurrency. You can earn a good source of income by playing crypto games like video betting, sports betting, lottery, etc. But before that sign up to the website by following the steps given below.   

  • Register: Register yourself by tapping on the “Register Button” that shows up on the site’s right-hand side in the corner. 
  • Enter your address: Enter your detailed address which incorporates your mobile number and the country you live in. You further need to set a secret key in the progression. 
  • Automatic username: After when you have entered the address, an automatic username will be created for you. This username will assist you with continuing in the game wagering. 
  • Confirm your Identity: You have to confirm your identity from the site’s security center. The site will offer identity choices like identity check, google confirmation, and record identification. You can identify yourself from any of the one identifications. 
  • Account creation: After you have confirmed yourself on the site, your account is set up and you can start betting on the website. 
  • Statement of cash: You can store cash in your wallet for the games you want to play on the site. As soon as you deposit the amount in your wallet, you can begin playing.