Goslotto in South Africa: Russian Lottery Is Available Online for Players at YesPlay


South Africa has a long tradition of playing lottery-type games. Years ago, there were plenty of similar guessing games played on the streets, but now the majority of people prefer playing lotteries online. What can be more convenient than choosing the lottery numbers on your computer or smartphone? The entire process takes minutes and you immediately get a chance to become a winner that will take home a large sum of money. Goslotto is one of the lotteries that should be on the list if you are looking for a reliable option with decent winning odds.

Simple rules and easy access from an online platform

Goslotto cannot be considered the most famous lottery out there, but this should definitely change. Established in Russia, this lottery has already won the hearts of many gamblers, as it has the following advantages:

  • Daily draws at different times
  • Rules that don’t require any experience
  • Large potential winnings

A lot of players don’t like waiting for draws to take place on specific days of the week and this is understandable. With Goslotto, you can play any day of the week and there are 5 slots in a day when draws take place.

The rules of the game are also very minimalistic — you should choose 5 numbers from the pool of 36 and also one bonus number from the pool of 4. The most fortunate player is the one that matches all the chosen numbers, as he or she becomes the ultimate lottery winner that gets the biggest sum.

Choose the number on YesPlay and enter into Goslotto

Selecting the lottery is only the first step, as choosing the gambling site is equally as important. It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the different platforms that seem to offer favorable conditions, but often turn out to be scams. Luckily, there exist reliable sites, such as YesPlay, where you can make bets on various international and national lotteries. What is more, you can use the site to learn the rules, view archived winning results, and play additional games.

Winning in lotteries is all about luck in most cases, so increasing the chances of winning is important. For this, you can make bets on unlucky numbers that won’t be drawn in the game. Or, you can also make a bet on the highest or lowest number that will appear during the draw. By going this route, players that choose YesPlay are a lot more likely to get money when playing lotteries.