Selling The Dream: The Lure from the 6 And Seven-Figure Business

Why do everybody is lured in through the commitment of making 6 figures or $a million?

The truth is, based on the US Census, under 6% of american citizens have six-figure incomes.

And 75% of individuals are caused by dual-earnings households, not really a single wage earner.

Only.3% or 3 from every 1000 people make $a million.

So why do very easy to become lured in by promises of creating the large dollars? When on some level we all know the possibilities against us.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not attempting to dash your dreams or let you know it will not happen for you personally.

However, I’m sure a great dose of reality never hurt.

And, hopefully which will make you concentrate on what’s vital…creating a company which will finance the life-style you would like, and not simply be lured within my some arbitrary amount of money.

Why a multitude of people and programs promising 6 and seven figures?

And why a multitude of people buying in to these promises?

Allow me to address by using a couple of more questions…

So why do a lot of people buy lottery tickets once they know chances are they will not win?

So why do use into weightloss routine after weightloss routine, despite they have unsuccessful frequently?

So why do many people attend every conference and jump from mentor to mentor or coach to teach, with no real leads to show for this (and frequently finish up breaking the bank or bankrupt)?

A word: HOPE.

You want to accept is as true can occur for all of us. As lengthy as there is a chance, we are ripe for that possibility.

There is nothing wrong with hope. Unless of course you decide to go broke attempting to profit from it. And lots of individuals have within the last couple of years.

Consider the property bubble and all sorts of foreclosures.